QUIÉNES SOMOS (who we are)

In 2014, two of my friends approached me about learning Spanish. They were headed to Costa Rica, and didn’t want to perpetuate the traditional ‘Ugly American’ stereotype: gun-slinging, cowboy-hat wearing, ‘Merica! type. They wanted me to give them a foundation to work with–introductions, greetings, how to form a question, etc. Ever the party planner, I proposed a Latin-inspired meal accompanied with Argentinean and Spanish wines. A date was agreed upon, with several more friends joining. At the time, I was working as a medical interpreter and cultural competency coordinator. I was tutoring students in the area for Spanish, and working as a server part-time on the weekends. On paper, things were good. I was using my degree in Spanish in a creative way. I was starting what seemed like a promising career. I had stability. What I didn’t have was the fire. The passion. I had always imagined an exciting, adventurous life, and deep inside, something was telling me that this wasn’t for me.

My Costa-Rica bound amigos opened their home to us, the wine was poured (several times over) and the Spanish speaking began. As I looked around the table at my friends laughing, enjoying food, wine, and the language I love, it hit me. This was what made me happy. And that feeling was worth being chased. I had inadvertently stumbled upon a dream. Thus, an idea was born, and I quit my job to form the Take-Home Tutor, a complete immersion-based experience into the Spanish language and culture through food, wine, and speaking.

And that’s what I hope to achieve with the Take-Home Tutor. Today, people are craving more than material things. They crave experiences. I wholeheartedly agree. Through the Take-Home Tutor, I strive to create a one-of-a-kind experience that you can share with your friends and family, with the three things I am are most passionate about: food and drink, culture, and the human connection.