October 10, 2015


Looking to introduce some culture to the group (and an excuse to drink wine professionally), Sean Omar proposed a weekly Spanish-language lesson among friends while guzzling sipping on some Argentinean and Spanish libations. Inspired by the success of the group, and loving a reason to try new wines while teaching the language he loves, Sean decided to take it a step further. Thus, in 2014 the Take-Home Tutor was born, combining the three things most important to him: food, culture, and friends.

Sean grew up in a small town in mid-Michigan, where his high school Spanish teacher opened him up to the language, and correspondingly, the world. Having traveled in South America and studied in Spain, he worked in various capacities as a language teacher, medical interpreter, Spanish translator, and cultural consultant. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAUsAAAAJDE1ZjY1OTExLWNiNzUtNGZiNS04ZjYzLWFkODE4ZjdlOTQ0NQ

In 2013, during his final year of completing his Master’s in Spanish at Central Michigan University, he met Alejandro Vales, a Madrid-born Spaniard who chose Mount Pleasant, Michigan of all places to continue his studies. Sean and Alejandro shared their love for teaching and their love for imbibing, and immediately hit it off.

Alejandro spent many years teaching English to Spanish-speakers. With the help of his degree in linguistics, Alex watched, listened, and read all things American culture, fine-tuning his English and making him completely fluent in both languages. His further experience teaching Spanish to English-speakers solidified his position as Educational Coordinator for the THT, and his ability to drink a bottle of Spanish red and spout off in English endeared him to his friends and American family.

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